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Cherade` Enterprises Introduces It's Shopping Gallery

Check out a few of our BEST SELLERS!!



Thresholds To Greater Glory-Can also be purchased on Amazon!

An inspirational read. This book will stir up the Spirit of the Lord in you to dig deeper and experience the presence of the Lord like never before. An absolute must read.

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Leading Through The Power Of Christ-

For anyone who is presently or looking to lead or direct people in any walk of life. You cannot go wrong with this Biblically based guideline.

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Andrea L. Chapman

Chapman Cares, Inc.


Want a little mystery and intrigue in your life? Read this heart pounding drama from beginning to end and learn how and why we react to circumstances that tempt us in our daily lives. This author has done an excellent job of marrying the spiritual and natural life.


The age old battle between good and evil once again is waged in this exciting and reviting new book.  Witness the true cost of justice and how ordinary men and women change the world in extraordinary ways...when they're brave enough to answer the call.

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Why do we do the things that we do?  What makes us tick? The answer to these and more questions will be answered in
Our Mysterious Behavior Box. 

Mystery and Intrigue

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