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                                                 an empowerment specialist who has served in ministry more than fifty years, answers the question and many more. Looking to the bible and drawing on her own experiences, she explores how to:

  • navigate tests of character that come your way;

  • realize God has a future for you-no matter what happened in the past;

  • become a cleaner, stronger vessel that can hold the power and wisdom of the Lord

  • learn to live for Christ in everything you do.

 Dr. Frances H. Cuffie,

Dr. Frances Houston Cuffie serves as the chief prelate for the United Church Fellowship International Conference and pastor of Temple United Church in the District of Columbia. She holds several educational degrees, including a B.A. in business administration, an M.A in law, a J.D. , and a Ph.D. in theology. She was a government employee for twenty-three years and worked in a private law practice for four years before opening her own general practice law firm almost twenty years ago.

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