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"Getting to the Heart of the Matter"


To Join Cherade Enterprises, send us an email below and tell us

how we can help you and your business Today! 

It’s Me!  Dr. Frances Houston Cuffie.

                Here is a quick peek at what to expect to receive if you decide to join our group of students for the six-week instruction.  We are not here to get you started and leave you.  We will be with you for the long haul. 

  •           What You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Business

  •           Reasons to Start a Business From Home

  •           Tips for a Successful Home-Based Business

  •           Resource Material for Starting a Business

  •           What to do Before Starting a Business

  •           Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business


During our Masterclass, you will be able to learn, firsthand, how some real entrepreneurs began and where they are now. How they grew their own businesses from scratch to where they are now and how you, too can successfully accomplish your goals.


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Cherade` Academy is the brainchild of Dr. Frances Houston Cuffie.


Dr. Cuffie believes as John Donne preached in one of his famous sermons, “No Man Is an Island”.  She believes in the interconnectedness of all people with God.


Cherade` Academy, under the umbrella of Charade` Enterprises will introduce new entrepreneurs every quarter. This is in keeping the Word of God to esteem and support others.

           We offer training and mentoring on-line and in-person to all who are interested in improving their minds and pursuing all that the Lord has placed on their hearts.

          It is our aim to inspire at least twenty new entrepreneurs every year to broaden their skill sets and become a viable and recognizable business hiring novice and experienced team members.

Classes In:

  •        Spiritual Development

  •        Business Instruction

  •        Emotional Intelligence

  •        Finding Your Purpose  

  •        Developing Skill Sets

  •        The Psychology of Business

  •        Counseling and Its Importance



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